Welcome to Cuephoria

Come and see us at our shop in Ashford, Kent. We have a full range of snooker & pool cues, cue cases and accessories.
You can make an appointment to try before you buy so please call us today or book via Facebook at Cuephoria.cues or if you know what you want please head straight over to the shop!

We have an 8ft snooker table and a 7ft pool table for you to try the cues on.

  • Over 100 Cues Stocked
  • Over 20 Case Designs
  • 8 Foot Snooker Table
  • 7ft Pool Table

1 Piece Sets
3/4 Split Sets
8.5mm & 9.5mm Tips
Classic Case Designs

From £85


1 Piece Cues
3/4 & 50/50 Split Cues
Tips up to 10mm
Spliced Butt Designs

From £70


1 Piece Cues
3/4 & 50/50 Split Cues
Aluminium Cases
Classic Patch Cases

From £10.99

New In

All our latest products and accessories including the new Cuephoria Team shirts which you can add your own team badges to!!!

From £10.99

We are proud to support the Pilgrims Hospices – look out for our next raffle!

You can win a top-of-the-range cue and help us support the amazing work Pilgrims Hospices provide our families.

Pilgrims Hospices are not funded by the NHS and rely purely on donations from the local community.